Student Leadership

In addition to the band staff, student leaders assist in musical and marching instruction during band camp and throughout the season. Their leadership and service are highly valued by both new and returning members.

Head Drum Major

The Head Drum Major assists the Directors in show development, rehearsals, and various capacities pertaining to the Marching Band. Through the Directors he or she leads the Core Band and the Show Committee. The Head Drum Major is selected through audition, and must be in good standing.

Assistant Drum Majors

The Assistant Drum Majors assume the authority and responsibilities of the Drum Major in the event of the Drum Major’s absence. They assist the Drum Major with teaching and performance responsibilities as assigned by the Directors. The Assistants are members of the Core Band and Show Committee, and are responsible for the Dance Committee and Traveling Band.
The Assistant Drum Majors are selected by audition, and must be in good standing.

Section Leaders

Section Leaders are appointed by the Band Directors. Their role is to provide leadership and motivation to the members of their section. The Section Leaders’ responsibilities include ensuring their section is prepared and participates fully at rehearsals and at performances. They schedule and lead sectional rehearsals as
needed. Section Leaders are responsible for everything created and/or used by or for their section
(clothing, web sites, social media, email lists, etc.).

Irish Guard

The Band is led by the Irish Guard, formed in 1949 by director H. Lee Hope.  Guard members are skilled marchers, chosen for the honor on the basis of leadership, service, and spirit. Band Members and managers who have completed one year of Marching Band participation are eligible to apply for the Irish Guard. The application process takes place in the late fall. Selection is based on previous rehearsal and performance efforts, stature, and a written application.



The Core Band is comprised of junior and senior Band Members who assist the Directors and the Drum Majors in general marching instruction and technique. They provide welcome information during Band Camp. At the conclusion of Band Camp the members of the Core Band become Squad Leaders.

(Each four-person squad within the Marching Band has a squad leader. Squad Leaders are
responsible for the correct placement of their squads, satisfactory preparation of music, attitude and maintenance of equipment, etc.)


Band Ambassadors

The Notre Dame Band Ambassador Program started in Spring, 2015 as a way for current band members to reach out to newly admitted students at Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross College, and represent the Notre Dame Band to alumni, fans, and the community.

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