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Thank you for your interest in supporting the University of Notre Dame Band program! Your thoughtful gift will allow our students to look and sound their very best throughout the year.

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The O'Brien Fund
ND Band General Fund
Fr. George Wiskirchen, CSC Fund for CJF
Instrument Sponsorship
Uniform Sponsorship
ND Band Travel Fund
Drum Major Uniform Sponsorship

The O'Brien Fund

In honor of his longtime service, dedication, and love for the Band of the Fighting Irish, the Robert F. O'Brien Fund has been established as a means for Band alumni and friends to contribute to the growth and development of this great Notre Dame tradition.

Alumni who contribute to the O'Brien Fund will be pleased know that their generous gift will continue to build an endowment for the ND Band, or go toward the purchase of needed instruments and equipment.

Those who currently give to the University's Annual Fund, or would like to assist the Band are asked to consider earmarking contributions for the O'Brien Fund. Contributions receive the same tax advantages and football ticket privileges as with any contribution to the Annual Fund, and will help the Band members of today and the future. We are deeply grateful to those who make so much possible through their generosity.

Make a gift to the O'Brien Fund now or contact the Band office at (574) 631-7136.
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Instrument Donation Plaque

A plaque will be attached to all sponsored instruments with the donor name listed
Those who are looking for a way to help out the Band in an immediate and tangible way may consider sponsoring an instrument. This donation will fund the purchase of a new instrument for the band. The instrument’s case will have a permanent brass plate attached with the name of the donor.

Parents can purchase an instrument which can be used by their son or daughter during the years they play in the Band.

All donations will go through the Development Office’s O’Brien Fund, thus providing the same tax advantages and football ticket privileges as any other contribution to the University’s Annual Fund.

The cost to sponsor an instrument varies by instrument. You can sponsor an instrument today through the Band’s webstore!

We are deeply grateful to those supporting the ND Band who make so much possible through their generosity.  

Instrument Sponsorship Costs

(*denotes areas of specific need)

Marching Band Instruments

Concert Band Instruments

Falto/Mellophone* $750
Marching Baritone* $850
Sousaphone* $3,500
Trumpet $450
Tenor Saxophone $1,000
Trombone $450
Alto Saxophone $850
Piccolo $550

French Horn* $2,000
Bass Trombone* $1,800
Concert Band Trombone* $900
Euphonium* $2,000
Tuba* $2,000
Concert Band Clarinet $1,000
Concert Snare Drum $350
Bass Clarinet $1,500
Oboe $1,500
Cymbals $250
Baritone Saxophone $3,500
Bassoon $2,500
Vibraphone/Marimba $2,500

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For more information about Supporting the Notre Dame Band, click here!


Old Marching Band Uniforms

OLD UNIFORMS: In addition to color differences, the band’s oldest uniforms are frayed and worn.

For a $250 donation, alumni, parents, and friends of the band can sponsor a new marching band uniform and keep the Band of the Fighting Irish looking its best.

Sponsor’s names are engraved on a plaque that is displayed at the Band Building.

To sponsor one or more uniforms, visit the Webstore or contact the band office for details.

THANK YOU to everyone who has generously sponsored a uniform!
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Drum Major Uniform Sponsorship

You can also sponsor a uniform worn by one of the ND Band’s Drum Majors. These uniforms are worn at each game by one of the Band’s three drum majors. These talented student-leaders conduct the band on the field and lead the band as they march throughout the Notre Dame campus. The cost to sponsor one of these uniforms is $500.

Click HERE to sponsor a Drum Major uniform!

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