8/26/17 - ND Trail

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, the University of Notre Dame Band joined thousands of marchers who completed the final 3 miles of a more than 250-mile walk  from Vincennes, IN to South Bend. A small group of pilgrims marched the entire route, which took 2 weeks to complete. Dubbed the "ND Trail," this path traced the same journey taken by Fr. Edward Sorin; a journey that ultimately ended with the establishment of the University of Notre Dame.

Members of the Band were bused to Howard Park in downtown South Bend to start the day, where the 200+ member contingent performed for hundreds of enthusiastic trail walkers. The 3-mile march took the band through several scenic routes and off-roads in South Bend, and was punctuated by a joint performance with members of the local Washington and Clay High School Bands. 

After leaving the campus of Holy Cross College, the Band performed the Alma Mater at Holy Cross Cemetary before finishing the walk at the Grotto. The entire band then played a concert on the steps of the Dome, marking the first time in decades a performance by the band has taken place there. 

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